We the North





Cincinnati Bengals – Swag has been a player to deal with in this division for a long time, and that hasn’t changed. However he has some company with the arrival of Goose. I still like Swag to contend for a playoff spot and go 10-6






Cleveland Browns – The old saying goes ‘If you can’t beat em, leave your favorite team and go with the new hot thing’ or something like that. And that’s what Goose did, he had #1 pick, could have taken his 49ers, however went with the Cleveland Browns. I have him doing well in The North going 11-5.






Pittsburgh Steelers – MrShaq56 can win some games in this division, that I’m sure of. However can he win enough to get into the playoffs?? That is always the big question. I have the Steelers finishing at 9-7




Baltimore Ravens – If you want to see a Madden God, Lamar Jackson get absolutely wasted. Welp just tune into WayneO play his league games. Dumpster won’t even begin to describe what this season is going to be for him. I predict Jackson gets hurt, and the Ravens go 3-13.