The Black and Blue





Green Bay Packers – Choppy makes his League Empire start of season debut, not sure if he has enough oline to compete at the highest level, however this Madden veteran is good for a 10-6 record





Detriot Lions –  Anthony is going to have a rough time with this Lions squad, and this division ain’t giving him many wins. I got the Lions going 8-8






Minnesota Vikings – Sleepymonkey84 can get some Ws if he can stay consistent with learning Madden, the Vikings are a solid team that should help keep him in some games, ultimately I think Slee has a lot of learning to do. Purple people eaters go 6-10




 Chicago Bears –  DA Bears are already doing the Super Bowl shuffle, Dr Malice hasn’t had a team this good to start a Madden league since Madden 05. Chicago Bears going 11-5