New York Jets This division is going to be tough for all involved, however only one of these guys has had any kind of success in League Empire before. So that’s why I’m predicting that SKJ3 will win the division. I have the Jets going 10-6

New England Patriots Patriots have Tom Brady and Gronk, which is great to have for this first season. However I don’t see two teams from this division making the playoffs. I have the Patriots going 7-9

Buffalo Bills Hard time and heartache are in store for this team, though they have a solid roster on paper, and will play hard. They will come up short more often than not. I have the Bills going 6-10

Miami Dolphins This team needs HELP, lots of help. I don’t think it’s coming this season though. Hamburglar might need call Ronald and Grimace right away. I have the Dolphins going 4-12