Key Highlights


  • Additional Cover 3 logic
  • Ice the Kicker improvements
  • Defensive AI play calling update


  • Return of the Franchise Player-lock Camera

Madden Ultimate Team

  • Added Play-a-Friend to MUT Squads via password matchmaking

Change Log

  • General stability improvements

Franchise Updates

  • Re-implemented previous version of Franchise Player-lock Camera
    • DEV NOTE: Due to community feedback about difficulties seeing the backfield action as a defensive player with the MUT Squads camera, we have reverted back to the legacy player-lock camera that views the field from the defensive perspective for Franchise mode and player-lock.
  • Addressed a save file crash
  • Fixed an issue where some players were missing Career Stats data
  • Addressed an issue where Supersim could become stuck after a CPU player timeout
  • Addressed an issue with mouse selection not functioning throughout the Customize Your Season flow, after continuing from a Play Now game

Gameplay Updates

  • Updated defensive play call AI for CPU-controlled teams
    • DEV NOTE: AI-defensive play calling will now more closely match the tendencies each NFL team has shown over the course of the season up to this point.
  • Addressed an issue causing defenders to sometimes line up offsides during no-huddle offense
  • Increased fumble chance when hit with a Hit Stick tackle during a steerable spin ball carrier move – this applies to all Game Styles and difficulty levels
  • Fixed an issue causing a fumble when the QB would break a sack during the throw animation – the ball will now be released and will result in an incomplete pass
Special Teams
  • Added logic for Ice the Kicker so that when the kicker is iced by the opponent, the iced state will remain intact for the remainder of that drive
    • DEV NOTE: This is an improvement to the Ice the Kicker logic to prevent the offense from running a wasted play or calling a timeout of their own to remove the iced state and does so by simulating the assumption that continuing to run a kicker on and off the field multiple times before a critical kick would in and of itself put him in a pressure-kick state.
  • Added logic for Field Goal blocks to prevent players from spamming the Off the Line mechanic on RT/R2 to achieve a perfect jump on the snap; mistiming the button press will result in an early jump animation, a stamina penalty to that player, and possibly an offsides penalty – this new logic applies to all Game Styles and difficulty levels
Pass Coverage
  • Pass Coverage
  • Fixed an issue with Cover 3 Match where the outside third defender didn’t always convert to man coverage against certain vertical routes
  • Added logic for Cover 3 Match to prevent the Hook-Curl defender from converting to man coverage on receivers running short crossing routes
  • Added logic for Cover 3 Match for the Seam Flat defender to search for and quickly match routes going to the flats after the Hook-Curl defender avoids matching
  • Added logic for the Seam Flat defender in Cover 3 to match wheel routes
  • Tuned Cover 3 Match to speed up the reaction of the Hook-Curl defender when the #3 receiver to his side runs a route to the flat underneath two vertical routes
  • Fixed an issue in Cover 4 Quarters to properly cover the inside-most receiver vs. Hail Mary Trio
  • Addressed an issue that would sometimes cause an RB hot routed to pass block on play-action plays to run past the line of scrimmage before entering his pass block assignment