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General Conduct:


  • You should make a VISIBLE effort to schedule you game within the first 24 hours after advance. This includes leaving your availability.
  • Home Team must stream game. If home team is unable to stream due to connection then away team must stream.\
  • If your opponent pauses the game, please wait at least 2 mins before trying to resume the game. If you pause the game and will take longer than 2 mins, contact your opponent and let him know.
  • After your first possession in the 4th quarter, if you are down 4 scores(24+) you are expected to begin running clock.
  • No Running up score, if you get a 1st down inside of 2 mins and opponent is out of timeouts, kneel the clock out.

GamePlay Conduct:

  • You can only for go for it on 4th down in the following situations.
    • You are passed YOUR 40 yard line and it’s 4th and 1 or less
    • You are passed the OPPONENT’s 40 yard line, any distance to gain
    • You are trailing in the 4th by more than 7 points
    • You are trailing in the 4th with less than 3 mins left on the clock
    • You are using your ONE fake punt
  • You must mix up your play calling on offense, no one single play should be used more than 20% of your play calling. On defense no one play should be used more than 33% of your play calling.
  • Can’t run the same play back to back, unless you’re on the goaline.
  • No Huddle is only allowed TWICE PER DRIVE.
  • No stat whoring, no WR should have more than 35% of his teams total receptions. This will be stat goes into effect week 4 of regular season.
  • You must rush at least 3 defenders every play.
  • Chew clock is only allowed in the 4th quarter
  • Playmaker is ALLOWED